What’s your favorite season? What do you enjoy the most about it? Mine has always been summer. The free spirit of it, the warm sunny days. I enjoy sitting outdoors for some quiet time of prayer to center my day. Observing the flurry of activity that goes on in the immense maple tree in the backyard, the home of a few scrawny squirrels that I feed. They seem to co-habitat well with the mix of birds that frequent the tree. My  favorite hobby, fishing, gives me plenty of time to ponder my place in God’s vast creation. The   reasons behind anyone’s preference of seasons are as unique as the individual. These preferences are apt to change as we do. Nothing remains the same, we are always growing and evolving.

What about what season of life you are in right now.  We may be experiencing changing circumstances in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Age, health, career changes, financial reversals, ad infinitum. Are they obstacles or blessings?

What about the liturgical calendar? Now we are moving towards the end of ‘Ordinary Time’ but soon enough, with each color changing and falling leaf, we will be preparing for Advent. As the  foliage illuminates into vibrant colors it shows God’s splendor. He shows us how to let go gracefully and what to hold onto in love. He is a God for all seasons. He accompanies us to and from each season of our lives.

Enjoying summer so much doesn’t mean I don’t look forward to the year’s grand finale, orchestrated by the Maestro, one last burst of colors. The shift has begun. I soak in Autumn with all my senses. As much as the world about us is changing, God does not. His unchanging faithfulness is my anchor. When the wind kicks up, I trust that is the dance of The Holy Spirit, clearing my path. As much as I can’t rush the seasons, I can’t get stuck in a previous season either because I know God has a plan for my future. Holding on to something past its expiration date only brings needless suffering. The trees will become bare for a season but that doesn’t erase the beauty that was there.

Transitions can be exciting and uncomfortable at the same time, even overwhelming. I have examined these times in my life to gauge where my confidence has come from. The same God that was with me yesterday on a Summer’s day will be with me tomorrow in the Autumn breeze and for each season of my life.

As we reap the harvest of the seeds we planted last Spring, let us look forward to the reflection and rest period ahead in Winter. This cycle has repeated itself 54 times in my life. Growing older is mandatory but growing in faith and wisdom as a Christian is optional and an on going process. What season of change are you in? Preparing for? I will be taking some time to dig my roots in a little deeper and allowing those dead leaves to fall away with my eyes fixed on Jesus. What about you?