On Monday, December 13th, twenty men safely gathered at Transfiguration Parish in Maspeth, NY for our annual Christmas celebration. It was good to be in person this year. Although a few of our men had to cancel due to Covid, we managed to still gather in fellowship. As we know, this year was one of changes and challenges— and that was surely   present for us that night. We started the night with Mass (instead of ending with it) Matt Bellis has been our vocalist/guitarist at previous Christmas gatherings but was unable to attend this year (we missed you, Matt!). Msgr. Joe Calise said a beautiful Mass, gathering us around the altar in true Cursillo style. His homily made us think about the fact that as situations change (whether we agree or not), it’s always us who have to take a look deep within. He set the tone for a great night to follow for dinner and sharing. After an array of desserts,  we had one large sharing circle instead of breaking up into groups. The men all needed to hear what each one present had to say. The sharing was deep, intimate and much needed. As the men were speaking, I wrote down some key phrases and (with their permission) was allowed to share them with you: “It feels so right,” “I missed you all so much,” “You guys feed me,” I was spiritually bankrupt during COVID,” Our Zoom meetings really helped me,” “This filled my tank,” “God is with us, so why do we worry,” “Cursillo has always been my lifeline,” “ I had more time to listen to God,” “I always feel better when I leave you guys,” “Since my Cursillo, everything about me has changed.”

All in all, with all changes this year, it didn’t matter. What mattered is that 20 men were able to be with each other and share our faith, challenges and renewal to Christ!
Happy 2022 everyone and let’s all hope that it will be a better year for all of us . DeColores!