Our annual Communion Breakfast took place on Saturday October 29th, at the Immaculate Conception Center in Douglaston, NY. One hundred twenty-four people gathered at    10:00 AM for a spirited Mass, given by Msgr. Bob Romano, concelebrated by Fr. Joe Holcomb. Both of whom had a huge impact on St. Paul’s Center throughout the years. It’s always nice to hear our anthem song, “God Don’t Make Junk,” delivered by an authentic cassette boom box! Old world style, as we did in days past. After Mass, we moved across the hall to a festive dining room setting, with delicious cakes and such. The breakfast was spectacular as always, and the company and sharing was even greater. Cursillistas come from all over, and from years back, to spend a few hours with like-minded people. Also attending are guests who were invited to come and experience a Cursillo Mass and Cursillo fraternity. Msgr. Bob was also our key note speaker, who spoke about his days on Humboldt Street working at St. Paul’s Center. Sharing funny and sincere stories made many of us smile, who knew what and whom he was speaking about. For those who didn‘t know his subjects, they were able to feel his passion for what he did through his years there. His humor was direct and candid and made us all smile. Coffee and cake ended our afternoon along with all the hugs and well wishes for one another. On the way out, guests had the opportunity to purchase Christian articles, such as books, mugs, bracelets, T-shirts—plus an array of gifts from Terri McHugh, who runs this for us. This day’s event could not be possible if it weren’t for the hard and diligent works from Pearse McDonnell and his co-chair,  Nancy Massaro.