I think the movie, The Sixth Sense, is a terrific movie. It is a scary, endearing thriller with a surprise ending. It is a love story as well as a story of compassion for others. It is a   story about making up for past mistakes and a story of being there when others need you. It is a story of redemption. But the scene that struck me the most and has stayed with me for years is the scene when the son finally shares his secret with his mother. He describes how he sees and talks with his dead grandmother. The mother thinks he is making up a story until he tells her one particular incident from her past that he could never know about unless his dead grandmother told him. His mother is finally convinced when he explains the grandmother describes how the mother came to her grave and asked a question. The grandmother’s answer to her daughter is “everyday!”. “What was the question you asked” the son says to his mother. She answers, “Do I make you proud?” 

 I can see myself asking the same question of my mother, even though she died 24 years ago. “Do I make you proud?” “Am I the man you hoped I would grow up to be?”. I know this isn’t a question I am asking because I am afraid of being judged. I don’t think my mother ever judged me harshly. It is more a question of seeking moral guidance. Guidance from someone who taught by example and not through harsh words or punishment. Someone who always loved me and set a standard of how a person should lead their life.  

 I find myself asking God the same question these days. “God, do I make you proud?” “Am I doing all that you ask me to do?” You have sent so many good, loving, faithful and compassionate people into my life to show me how to live. Did I learn from them? You have loved me with all my faults and struggles. You have never judged me harshly and you are always there for me. Do I show the same love to others? 

 We live in a strange world these days. There is a disease changing everyone’s life as we knew it. People can’t agree on whether its real or even how to protect ourselves and others. Because of Covid so many people are suffering; they are experiencing things they never thought were possible. Some are frightened and feel alone. It seems that these times call for us to be more aware of each other and to step up. To share what gifts and blessings we have with those who don’t. To share hope for the future. To pray for and with each other.

Personally, I need to do more so that when I ask the question “Do I make you proud, Lord?” the answer will be “everyday.” 

 How about you?