I found myself, perhaps like many of you, looking for “something” to fill my soul leaving with words and thoughts to ponder.   Among the many books, read and unread, (yes, I still have books) that sit neatly organized in my bookcase, I found just that – Richard Rohr’s EVERYTHING BELONGS.  The title captured my attention… 

 Throughout my read, and most importantly I believe, throughout my day, the words “EVERYTHING BELONGSkept playing over and over like a stuck record (Yes, I’m dating myself ).  I was provided the opportunity during this time and in the “present moment” to ponder, to reflect to really contemplate on the various aspects of my life.  

 Rohr references specific parables throughout the book i.e. The Parable of the Weeds among the Wheat, The Parable of the Mustard Seed, The Parable of the Yeast etc.   Which offered the opportunity to go deeper into reflection.  Deeper to see my life through the lens of these parables and contemplate on how Everything Belongs.  Helping me gain a greater understanding why God spoke in this form, and more open to witness the similar ways Jesus speaks to me today similar of the parables. 

 Yes, I am a mixture of Weeds and Wheat and always will be, yes, at times I only have faith as small as of mustard seed,  these imperfections, my weeds, also carry gifts full of grace, once I can see how they belong. 

 Interestingly, but not surprising, in Spiritual Direction I have been exploring the question of “What If.”… The “What if” was followed by questions such as “What If” I stopped to listen and really tried to hear what the Lord is asking of me? What would I hear?” What If” I saw Jesus in every face I meet? Especially where I cannot find him now? Weaving in this theme with Everything Belongs offered yet another opportunity to contemplate and find where is God.

 Finding God in the times of darkness, confusion, the unsteady, rough and bumpy is not as easy as the times I feel more steady, smooth, calm and joyful.  During those times in contemplation I found myself stopping       followed by a Big “REALLY”??? And would have to ask for more clarity to see the Everything Belongs…       Sometimes with success other times not so…  However, knowing and trusting (trying) Everything Belongs leaves me feeling more hopeful, even when I have not yet seen how “It” Belongs.  As Christians living in a      dualistic world, we are provided daily with the opportunity to understand and invite union – to bring love into all situations.  By learning more about the characteristics of opposite things, we can paradoxically come to    understand the deep connection between them, to help us see, believe and trust that Everything Belongs. 

 As I continue on my journey, I pray for the understanding and openness of heart and mind to invite union, to invite love so that I may enter fully into life with Christ and see more clearly how Everything Belongs.

 “What If’s”might you be asking the Lord? What might Jesus be asking of you to contemplate deeper to possibly gain a greater understanding and trust Everything Belongs and   receive the gift of Grace?