On Saturday, October 23, 2021, fifteen brave souls gathered at Christus Vivit in Jamaica Estates, NY, to embark on a day retreat for Grief and Loss. Led by Jim Linden and his team of Nancy Massaro, Rich Grillo and Angel Barbara Benedict.

The day unfolded nicely, as discussions led the group to take a look at the grief and loss in their lives and how to move forward from it. Lots of emotion was shared, as well as smiles and growth. The day wrapped up with a beautiful exercise of heart. Thank you to the fifteen who joined us—we pray that your journey has lightened a bit. We will definitely run this program again, so stay tuned for your chance to join us.

Here are a few comments from the people who joined us:

“The honesty of the talks enabled me to be open and honest at table   sharing.”

“Enabled me to look at grief from a different perspective.”

“Very impactful—each speaker showed his/her courage in sharing such a personal account of his/her own grief.”

“The talks were captivating, heart felt and comforting.”

“It was effective in seeing the difference and similarity of our grief.”

“Let me know that, although my grief is individual, I certainly am not alone.”

“Very touching to share our grieving.”

The Team was described as, “Excellent,” “Spectacular,” “Cream of the crop.”

Comments for the Prayer Service and Ritual:

“Had the opportunity to say what we needed to so we could let go.”

“Extremely meaningful! The prayer service was comforting and the      message release was emotional and healing.”

“Brought grief to the forefront and enabled me to address something I am not comfortable with”.