I had the good fortune to be present for a recent Zoom Guided Meditation conducted by Darlene McGovern. It was offered in the early afternoon on a day when I had nothing else scheduled so it was an ideal situation to immerse myself in the moment and to devote my senses to the spiritual adventure that was about to unfold.

Under Darlene’s gentle guidance, we were encouraged to relax and focus on our breathing as she led us to a feeling of deep relationship with Jesus during His time of fasting in the  desert. I was able to slowly let go of the other demands of my life and gradually evolve into a place of peaceful openness. We were told to imagine that we were in the desert, as Jesus was, and we were led through a series of experiences that resulted in us envisioning that we were actually in Jesus’ presence in the desert. Darlene then presented us with the    question, “What would you say to Jesus?”

At this point, I could actually imagine Jesus emerging from a tent within the sand dunes. I could picture Him in a flowing red robe. He was vibrant, charismatic, smiling and He said to me, “What is it that you would like me to do for you?” I shared with Him my deepest hope for a resolution of a situation that has been a source of great disappointment to me.

As Darlene slowly brought us back to reality, I realized that, for those few moments, I had been in an intimate conversation with Jesus. It was prayer in its purest form, and, for me, an experience that I shall always remember.

+++ Darlene McGovern leads a Guided Meditation over Zoom conferencing bi-monthly. Please check the Newsletter, our Facebook page & website for upcoming dates.+++