This is a strange moment in our lifetime.  And while the world is in a vulnerable place – on many levels, and in many ways – we hope that this email finds you and your loved ones well, and in the comfort of God’s Peace and Love.  Lord knows, we need Him now more than ever.  Please pray for those who are sick, those who are working to treat them, and those who are working to keep people healthy and safe, and get life back to normal.

Attached is the Community Newsletter, for March 2020.  Please take a moment to read it, as it is full of good stuff.

We hope that you enjoy the newsletter.  And remember, if you feel inspired to share a story of Faith, Hope, and Power of God’s Love – we welcome you to send it to us.  We would love to include it in a future newsletter.  Faith sharing is such an important part of our Community – as it is through God’s Love that we grow and strengthen.

Thank you all, De Colores and God Bless you.