It’s about two weeks into Lent … are you still pondering “what will you do” to make a good Lent?  What to give up; how to get reconnected; what’s this time all about?

 If you were able to join us on March 1, we spoke about Lent being a second chance; an opportunity to reconnect by taking a Long Loving Look at our Lives … the Real of our lives.  Take the time, and lovingly look at where you are right now.  I have used this prayer often and it seems fitting to continue to look   during this time asking for the Grace to be open to what God wants to do with me this Lent.  That can be challenging and scary sometimes because, let’s face it, I’m thinking how much more … I’m so busy … I do so much.  That may be true for you, but if we are living in Relationship with God, this is where we need to be challenged, at least that’s true for me.  The first Sunday of Lent’s Gospel reminds me that Jesus had courage and faith in His     Father to resist Satan and stand his ground when he offered the world to Jesus.  No matter when this Gospel comes up in rotation, I’m still awed by Jesus’ response; can I be that             disciplined, that faith filled, that courageous?  Am I willing to stretch myself this Lent and be open to God’s invitation?

 Sitting with this prayer and taking the time each day to listen to what God is saying; perhaps you do that already, or maybe it’s time to start doing it again.  I know for me, it’s easy to get fidgety and want to move out of my prayer space too quickly before I can really hear God speaking with me.  So that’s what I am doing this lent.  How about you?

 I often read Ron Rolheiser, OP and he has posted a great piece on “Images for Lent”.

 There are some wonderfully rich anthropological images for Lent. Here is one of them:

In virtually every culture there is, somewhere, the concept of having “to sit in the ashes for a time” as a necessary preparation for some deep joy or fulfillment. We see this, for example, in the story of Cinderella. The name itself, Cinderella, holds the key: It is derived from two words: Cinders, meaning ashes; and Puella, the Latin word for young girl. Etymologically, Cinderella means the eternal girl who sits in the ashes, with the further idea being that, before she, or anyone else, gets to put on the royal clothes, go to the ball, and dance with the prince, she must first spend some time sitting in the ashes, tasting some emptiness, feeling some powerlessness, and trusting that this deprivation and humiliation is necessary to help bring about the maturity needed to do the royal dance.

Still not sure about what to do for Lent?  Then how about just sitting for a few minutes longer each day and listen to what God has to say, listen to that still small voice.  Maybe He’s whispering, “thank you for being here” or “so glad to see you for a few minutes more”.

Take that long loving look at your life this Lent and imagine if you will that God wants to Grace you with something wonderful.  Are you open to the adventure?

And then when we sit on Easter Morning, we can truly celebrate the Resurrection; put on the royal cloths, go to the ball, and dance with the prince … Jesus!  Celebrate all He has graced you with this season and live as resurrected people. De Colores