This year was our first in-person couples weekend since the pandemic. The theme for the weekend was, “Staying Connected at the Speed of Life.” At first, I thought it was just a title—but the weekend talks described that life goes by quickly with speed—and if we don’t slow down, we may miss life.

What I mean is that life goes by so fast that we can miss important opportunities to spend time with our spouses and our family. There were talks from our Cursillo Community couples about putting things off for another time. However, when life gets in the way—changes or tragedy happens—those things that have been put off may never get done. We had time to reflect on that. We talked as a couple about our own experiences with putting things off, wondering if we will ever have the time to do the things that we’ve been putting off. We realized  that each day together is a gift and we need to spend our time wisely. I was humbled by this, thinking about how many times I said, “I’ll see you later,” or thinking I would always have time to do that on another day.

We had prayer time, thanking God for our spouses and for our time. We questioned ourselves, asking, “What are we doing with our time together and is it enough?”

We used our free time this weekend  to walk together. We played games and we laughed. We bonded as a couple, and as friends. 

We were blessed by the Holy Spirit and realized that our Lord has touched all our lives in one way or another—and was always present. We left the weekend feeling fulfilled, blessed and thankful for everything that was given to us so freely. 

If you have never made a Married Couples Weekend, I hope you will consider coming on the next one. You will not be disappointed. This weekend was truly a gift.

The time we have today is a gift, that’s why they call it, “the Present.” 

 God Bless us all. Joe & Ede Moscioni