Whenever we head off for the Married Couples weekend – something we have been fortunate to do many times over the years – there is always a sense that whatever the subject, theme, whoever is there, it’s going to be a nice time.  And that is always a gross underestimation of the experience that Darlene and Mike McGovern and their team provide for the people who are lucky enough to  accept the invitation to join. This year was no exception.

Of course it was extra special just to be together, since the pandemic kept us on Zoom for so long.  And to be in the new space in Jamaica Estates, Thomas Berry Place, was exciting and new and a bit of its own adventure.  But all of that falls away and seems unimportant when compared with the depth of the spiritual experience that we were invited into as we gathered in the presence of the Holy Spirit to talk about our marriages, share honestly with each other, and recommit to do better in whatever ways we each needed to grow. 

The theme of the weekend was time, and how our marriages and our spouses are often too low on the list of priorities when it comes to managing and dedicating our time. Heartfelt and vulnerable talks from the team helped us focus on what we do, and fail to do, for one another, and allowed us to see our spouse’s needs with new eyes.  The retreat gives couples a safe place to talk about what matters, and whether it was at the   table, during a raucous game, or as we participated in a beautiful ritual of forgiveness, it was easy to see the healing that was taking place for so many.  So thank you Darlene and Mike – and your team, Rosemary and Rich Maikis, Ed and MaryAnn Caskin, and Liz and Rob Palumbo (who gave us their talk via Zoom because of illness – what troopers, thank you!).  We never know what we will walk away from this weekend with, but we know it will always be something sacred and blessed.