What another amazing weekend. It just seems to me each weekend gets better and better. To see the works of our loving God is such an honor.

The power of 28 candidates is contagious and uplifting for everyone involved. To see the Spirit flowing from person to person, and being able to watch the hearts of others open up to the love of God, is a true blessing.

After the Penance Service, a priest approached me about my Reconciliation talk and thanked me for my honesty, and for sharing my story. It was Father’s first experience of the Penance Service at St. Paul’s and he was very moved by it.

We talked about the love and joy that was in the room. He said to me, “You are a wounded healer.” We talked a few more moments about how beautiful this part of the Cursillo truly is.

Then his words hit me.

Wounded Healer. What a great description of all of us who work the weekends. Those of us who have journeyed long, and have worked hard, to have that Life in God’s Friendship. 

We have taken the gift of our hurt, pain and brokenness and share it with others so that they can heal— and also share in that loving relationship with God our Father.

Wounded Healers. Such a great way to acknowledge who we are as people. That in our brokenness, we are able to move from our place of damage and go to a place of love and healing—from the Cross to rolling away the stone from the tomb.

For 31 years, I have been blessed to be on my journey with God. To have been broken and battered by life, only to be recreated by a loving God who wants to have a relationship with me, a sinner.

Wounded Healer. Such an amazing way to look at another human  being who is trying to help others along their journey. Such a humbling thought to be one of those broken people who gets to continue to be a part of these miraculous weekends. 

Wounded Healer. I am forever grateful to all the Wounded Healers who have helped me and who have journeyed with me. I am so   thankful that God has shared his amazing Grace with a sinner like me. And I hope that I may continue to be the Wounded Healer, that God has asked me to be.