On Saturday, June 3rd, the Men’s Cursillo Follow-Up group gathered together at Our Lady of Hope Church in Carle Place, NY. Forty-three men were In attendance, including six new prospective candidates. Two of them handed in completed applications at the end of the session, and the others were going to check their calendars when they returned home.

Joe Amato spoke about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit in our lives. With challenging questions, our group discussions were deep and revealing about the Spirit within us. Some of the questions were: Are you open to God’s spirit in the world? Who in my life is in need of understanding? Am I fighting that understanding of him/her? Am I resisting a greater understanding of what God is calling me to? Am I open to the invitation that God is inviting me to?

Ending with a prayer, meditation, and a hands-on blessing in the Upper Church, all forty three men left with a renewed, or perhaps a new, sense of the God that dwells within.  

Twelve of the men gathered at Toskana Restaurant, content with pizza to end our event. Our next meeting will be on Saturday, September 30th.