I’ve always loved how Easter coincides with Spring, the message of new life in Christ amplified by nature coming alive all around us.  It’s as if, after the death of winter, Creation itself proclaims the rising of the Son of God by bursting into life anew!

It feels especially so this year, as we start to emerge from the isolation of this past year.  On Holy Saturday, when I am able, I like to spend the day in the tomb with Jesus.  Just sit in the darkness with Him, as if I didn’t know about the light about to stream forth.  It’s often a time of profound reflection, to ponder, if only for a moment, where I would be without the light of Christ.  But if I use the time well, I can see everything broken, everything that needs to be healed.  And soon enough the joy follows.  Jesus touches my wounds, and I touch His.  We are joined together in the miracle of the resurrection, and death is no more.  Only transformation.  New life.  The kingdom of God.

In some ways this whole past year seems like one long day in the tomb, and I find myself asking who I am as it comes to an end.  Am I the same person who locked down a year ago?  If not, what has changed?  Where was God in all of it?  What kind of experience of faith did the pandemic bring to my life?

God invites us to intimacy every minute of every day, but we don’t always take the opportunity to respond.  We all had a different experience of this past year.  Some have experienced loss that they may not yet even begun to process.  Others faced the dangers presented with courage and faith.  For me, it was an opportunity to respond to Christ.  To sit with him, expose my fears, explore my brokenness, gather strength from Him, and deepen our connection.  So no, I can’t possibly be the same person I was a year ago.  I have once again been transformed by His unconditional love and grace.  My Lord and my God!

He is Risen, truly He is.  Alleluia!