Seize the Moment

 You greeted the day with your usual tunnel vision. Perhaps you had breakfast, got dressed, and darted out in a big rush to get to work. As you were driving to work, or perhaps walking to the train, your mind was on all the things you had to do that day. When you got to work you tackled those mounting emails, as you half greeted your colleagues. Nagging feelings of undone work pressured your entire day, until you buried your head into your work. And before you know it, the day is gone. And the next day is a repeat performance.

 Sure, you must make a living and plan your day, however, did you know you missed so much this morning in your hurried pace? You see you missed the magnificent, multi-color skyline outlined with the majestic artistry of God’s love. You see God put a rainbow in the sky for you. You also didn’t see the most amazing little cardinal sitting on the tree outside your home, which many say is a sign from someone you love who passed away. And you didn’t see that dime on the sidewalk, another sign. You also missed the stranger who gave you a smile, as you hurried on your way. You missed the incredible warmth of the sun on your face, as well as the daffodils that suddenly burst upon the earth in the early spring morning. You missed seeing the buds on the trees burst into magnolia blossoms, which is a gift from God. You missed seeing the grass rejuvenating back to life. And you didn’t see the most amazing oak tree and its leaves bursting with new life. You also missed the incredible feeling of oneness, that can only be accessed in the holy moment.

 You actually missed out on the moment, the very place where the power of God is in everything you do. You missed the opportunity to feel the amazing Spirit of God, that is all around you and in you. And you missed out on a very beautiful spring morning.

 Let’s stop, pause, smell the roses, because at the end of your life you will never lament that you should have spent more time working, rather, you will lament that you let the precious moments of life slip by in a hurried pace that society dictates to us. The reality is, you are in charge of your moments and also in charge of how you spend them. Seize the moment, grab onto this precious, holy, moment, it is the only one you have, because moments turn into days, days to years, years to decades and before long, many wasted moments are gone. Spend those moments with family, loved ones, children, friends, and yes with God in the magnificent nature He has created for all of us. If you will stop and seize the moment you will not only have the incredible Spirit of God before you, you will also discover the enormous Power within you, as it awakens like a spring morning.

 Rachel Devine Calantjis