Happy New Year to All!

On December 7th our Monthly Ultreya was replaced by the Annual Advent Prayer Service. This year we were able to put together an almost totally media filled presentation thanks to Theresa McHugh and her computer skills, and Tom Leavens who was able to present our program! A special thanks to Tom for also reading a prayer.

Our program’s theme, Mary’s Yes, put together by Ann Marie Dodd,  Jo Anne Ayers and Theresa McHugh, was a spirit filled program. We saw, though Our Blessed  Mother Mary, her willingness to put her Lord God first and to be a part of His plan for salvation for the world. For Mary, her YES, was the answer to an invitation from God.  Mary is our model, she inspires us because she said YES first, she said YES for us. Mary is a shining  example of trusting God and for us to say YES to His path for us.

Through prayer, song, poem and movie clips all of our  senses were engaged; allowing us to have a real impression of what it was like for Mary and Elizabeth during that time.  We were able to see and feel the genuine love for the Lord not only with Mary, but with Elizabeth also. They came together to comfort, encourage, support and inspire one another as they shared their faith filled journey bringing light into each other’s lives. Mary and Elizabeth leaned on each other and showed us how to be there for each other and to love, as Jesus taught us, unconditionally,

The evening concluded with sharing from the community.