On November 17, 2021, the 14th session of the St. Paul’s Spiritual Enhancement series was held over Zoom Conferencing. Joe Amato invited Msgr. Tom Caserta back as a new format for the series was introduced. The series will continue every other month (rotating with Darlene McGovern’s Guided Meditation program) with an invited guest speaker to present a topic. This session was called, “Know Yourself & the Spiritual Journey.” After Joe led us in prayer and introduction, Msgr. Tom used the Know Yourself talk outline from Cursillo and expanded on it, referencing scripture, saints & great Church figures, and personal witness stories. It was beautiful, thought provoking and inspiring. Msgr. Tom ended the session with the Thomas Merton prayer depicted below, followed by answers to questions & comments shared by the attendees. The evening concluded with Joe Amato playing the Cyndi Lauper song, “True Colors.”

A recording of the session is available on our YouTube channel:


Please watch it and be moved by it – and share it with the people in your lives. They will come to know Cursillo from it!