On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, the sixth session of the St. Paul’s Spiritual Enhancement Series took place over Zoom Conferencing. This session was called, “The Gift of Scars.” Our Guest Speaker with Joe Amato was Deacon Rich Gilligan. Deacon Rich grew up in the East New York section of Brooklyn. He’s been married to his wife, Fran, for 53 years. They have two sons & two grandchildren. He made Men’s Cursillo #119 in February 1983 at St. Paul’s Center, Humboldt Street. Deacon Rich was ordained in May 1993. He was the Associate Director for St. Paul’s Center in Douglaston, NY from 2005 to 2010. He was a Team Member for the Men’s Cursillo and a Spiritual Team Member for both the Men’s & Women’s Cursillo. He has been (and is currently) assigned to St. Mary Gate of Heaven in Ozone Park.

Joe & Deacon Rich discussed the scars in their lives and how they still impact them in their present life. Joe Amato presented the following powerful questions following last: What are your scars? How were you wounded? How does it affect you today? How do you deal with your Anger? Disappointment? Jealousy? Hurt? Where is God in it all? Also, Joe posed the following reflection as well:



If you struggle with any of these, follow the thread backward. There could be a scar that is preventing you from being those virtues to other people.

The evening concluded with powerful sharing from the Community. We thank Joe Amato for the love & preparation he puts into this series, and Deacon Rich for bringing his faith stories that show Christ to so many people!

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