Here are some amazing testimonials from the woman of the #289:

 “I would like to say that the weekend was life-changing for me. It was the first time I ever really felt a true message coming to me from God. It also changed my mind set about my ability to have faith and to serve my community. In God and God’s love.”  – Nicole Moskowitz

 “God works in mysterious ways and at perfect times. I believe in my heart that this was the weekend God chose for me. I was with such an amazing team that shared such patience, selflessness, and kindness. My fellow candidates shared their most intimate struggles and triumphs. I felt such community. I heard and was shown exactly what I needed; God loves me unconditionally. I was absolutely blown away from the community’s prayers and notes written with such encouragement and sound advice. In this hectic world, someone took the time and prayers to dedicate to me. What a gift. Truly God’s love in action. The closing was so beautiful! I was so overwhelmed by the love & support of my family, friends, and the  Cursillo Community. I am just so grateful!!”  – Bridget Goldberg

 “From the moment I arrived for my Cursillo weekend I was so impressed! The women were so helpful, loving, and welcoming! I met the most wonderful group of women on my Cursillo. My goal for the weekend, to become closer to Jesus, Our Lord, was realized! His love is truly unconditional! Thank you, God, for bringing me to my Cursillo. Thank you, amazing women who put it, together and all the candidates. Thank you all for sharing your light.” – Debbie McLaughlin