On October 21-23, the Women’s 12 Step A.A. Recovery Retreat was held at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington, NY. This year’s theme was, “Prayers and Promises—A Journey of Discovery.” Nineteen women attended a weekend of talks and small group discussions relating to the prayers and promises found in our 12-Step literature, and that we are to receive as a result of living our sober lives based on spiritual principles.

It was a truly blessed weekend filled with hope, encouragement, love and laughter.

An intentional difference to most other AA weekends, this retreat enables the women to freely call their Higher Power by name: God/Jesus/Spirit, etc.

Mornings began, and evenings ended, with mediation, prayer, and music. There were opportunities to speak one-on-one with a Spiritual Director, and to attend a guided meditation. Some women elected to get creative and created their own Gratitude Jar. Some enjoyed the beautiful grounds of this sacred space for some quiet time.

We were blessed to have Fr. Michael Connolly join us and give a talk on Forgiveness, provide opportunity for Reconciliation, and celebrate Mass.

The team doing service and giving talks on the weekend were Christine V., Lisa B. and myself. Also, we had a walk-on talk given by Lisa E. on Friday night to start the program. Ann Marie D. stopped by on Saturday afternoon to lead a guided meditation.

A ton of gratitude for everyone who served!!!

Here are a few reflections, shared anonymously, in respect for our Traditions, by some of the women who attended:
“Dare I say…as always…life-changing.”
“I got more than I ever expected from this weekend.”
“Forgiveness stuff was so appropriate for me. I was able to put down the hammer and pick up the feather.”
“I got things this weekend I didn’t know I needed.”